Sage, Intacct & Peachtree to AccountEdge Conversions

Computer Survival

A - Sage is a windows only product, no macintosh version.

B - Very hard to setup you will need a local Sage 50 expert

C - Not easy to use

D - Large files have long wait times

E - Does not have cost accounting

F - No multiple  warehouse features

G - No built-in mileage features

H - No time tracking features

I - Must give 30 day notice to terminate the software

J - Software becomes read only after terminating.

K - No Mobil App

L - Very resource heavy on the computers

Sage Quantum Accounting Limitations

($3436/yr or more for 5 users with payroll and support)

Sage Intacct Cloud Accounting Disadvantages

($27,500/yr or more for 5 users with payroll and support)

Sage Quantum is  very expensive

We believe a much better solution is Accountedge.

Actual Cost of the Accountedge is 1/2 the cost of Sage Quantum

The data file is coss platform (The file can be run on either Macintosh and Windows)

Your CPA gets a free copy

According to Forbes "the best software for Inventory Management"

The feature set is equivilant to Quickbooks Enterpris

You get a $100 rebate credit to you Accountedge Subscription just for switching.

                   Free 30 Day AccountEdge Demo                    Find a Local Accountedge Certified Consultant

A - They have no pricing on their website.  They don't want you to be able to compare pricing.

B - You can't choose when upgrades will occur.

C - Online version  is completely different than the desktop version.

D - You give up control of your data

E - You have all the risks on online accounts (Hackers, unreliable internet connection)

F - If you terminate your subscription your file becomes read-only access.